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Shanghai Cord Blood Bank teamed up with a children's hospital in Suzhou, neighboring Jiangsu Province, to successfully conduct stem cell transplant on a 12-year-old boy with acute leukemia on Tuesday, officials announced.

The boy went to the Children's Hospital of Soochow University in March after being feverish for more than one week for unknown reasons and was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia.

After six-month chemotherapy, the boy's disease stabilized. Doctors then decided on stem cell transplantation to cure his disease, deeming it the best time with regards to the boy's condition.


Since there was no matching donor among adult volunteers, doctors planned to use his father's stem cell,荔蒲县帝和麻类有限公司 which was a half match,荔蒲县帝和麻类有限公司 and a matched sample of umbilical cord blood from Shanghai Cord Blood Bank.

The use of umbilical cord blood can streamline the successful transplant of partially-matched stem cells from the father and reduce rejection,荔蒲县帝和麻类有限公司 experts said.


Dr Hu Shaoyan from the hospital's hematology department said that myeloid leukemia among children is not rare and the boy's treatment was successful during the past six months.

"We chose the current treatment plan after careful consideration and hope the treatment will help rebuild his hematology and immunity systems to achieve recovery,荔蒲县帝和麻类有限公司矿业设备" Hu noted.

According to Shanghai Cord Blood Bank,荔蒲县帝和麻类有限公司 it was the bank's 6,666th transplant, giving it the leading position in the world.


The five-year survival rate of patients with acute leukemia after receiving combined stem cell transplantation at the children's hospital in Suzhou is over 80 percent, which is in line with developed countries矿业设备, it observed.

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